To make learning stick

At Aarvi, we recognise that learners have different learning styles and one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Some are visual learners who engage better with images, videos and charts; some are auditory learners who prefer listening to lectures and reading articles; some others are kinesthetic learners who thrive on activities and doing various things.

With the objective to allow learners to explore which methodology or combination of methodologies work for them, we ensure that learners at all times find the interactions engaging and effective.

Theatre-Based Learning
Coaching Interventions
Design Thinking
Lego Serious Play

A case study

Based on one of the many tools we use to make our interventions effective.

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Leadership Development
These structured initiatives help enhance an individuals’ leadership skills through workshops, coaching, and experiential learning activities in their effectiveness as leaders.


Behavioural Skills
Upskilling in various behavioural skills through conditioning, reinforcement, and repetition for desired learning outcomes.


Functional Training
Functional trainings – An essential knowledge of functional skills for employees with job-specific skills crucial for corporate efficiency and success.


IT / Technical Training
IT Technical trainings equip teams with essential skills for efficient system management and problem solving in diverse environment.