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Leadership Development for Key Talent

Servant Leadership, Situational Leadership, Developing First-time Managers, Resilient Leadership are some of our offerings for your middle- and senior leadership

Leadership Development Interventions

Why should you consider leadership development?

According to McKinsey, non-farm jobs in India are projected to draw 90 million people by 2030. India has over 1,000 mid-size and 10,000+ small-sized firms growing rapidly. Global hubs set up in India that serve the country and the world are in the segment of manufacturing exports, IT and digital, agricultural ecosystems, healthcare and tourism. And all of these are expanding rapidly, pushing leaders to scale up and meet new challenges.  

Corporate organisations recognise that investing in leadership development of their people is the sure-shot way of equipping the organisation to expand. Afterall, a great organisation is formed by forward-looking leaders and inspired teams.  

How leadership development can build your organisation?

Leadership development begins with a simple assumption – all people are leaders. However, as employees move from new joiners to experienced hires to first-time managers to seasoned leaders to visionaries – they need hand-holding in their journey.

Leadership development helps people lead themselves and others, build their acumen to show up as first-time managers, hones skills during negotiations while clinching high-stakes deals, and positions the organisation for increased growth.

There are certain key milestones to consider in an employees journey

  • First-time managers
  • Group/team leaders
  • Unit/larger business segment leaders
  • Executive or Board-level leaders

Which leadership development style will work for your people?

While there are several leadership development styles that work for people, based on their levels in the organisation and their needs. Below are just a few of the programs that Aarvi has worked on with large corporates.

Our Leadership Development Programs

This leadership style encourages leaders to adapt to what their team needs or business requires in a given situation. This enables the leaders to be agile and flexible and adjust their leadership style as the circumstance demands.

Learning Outcome

  • Improves employee communications and decision-making abilities
  • Improves team performance and delivers greater employee satisfaction.

This is a leadership program crafted for an agile culture. It is employee-centric leadership where the leader puts others ahead of her/him while empowering and enabling them.

Learning Outcome

  • Identify the universal characteristics and behaviours of servant leaders.
  • Create a personal plan to develop Servant Leader attitudes and behaviours.

Increasingly, to develop a strong pipeline of talent and help women navigate societal and institutional challenges, corporates are investing in women leadership development programmes. This will prepare them for current and future leadership roles.

Learning Outcome

  • Equip with the ability to articulate their ideas persuasively, navigate challenging conversations, and negotiate effectively for themselves and their teams.
  • Help gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknessesand build resilience to navigate challenges specific to women leaders.

In this session, we cover resilience theory and development tools for individuals and teams. Participants learn coping strategies that can be used to deal with stressful scenarios and situations.

Learning Outcome

  • Develop resilience in personal and professional lives.
  • Build a workforce that is mentally, physically and emotionally resilient.

Our sales coaching focuses on sales and service excellence. Coached by professionals who have spent more than 25 years in the industry, this session will help you expand on sales capability development.

Learning Outcome

  • Elevated sales capabilities of individuals.
  • Exceptional sales growth in organisations.
Executive coaching helps senior executives and leaders to enhance their skills, overcome challenges, and achieve professional and organisational goals. Typically, our executive coaches will work with your select leaders for a specific number of sessions. These sessions turbo charge your leaders and in turn your organisation.

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