Behavioural Skills Programs

Solutions to Meet Your People Where They Are

As people keep moving through challenges in their work and workplace, continuous learning and improved behavioural skills are key to success in the organisation, as several hundred researches have proved.

Behavioural & Professional Skills Offerings

Aarvi offers a bouquet of professional and behavioural skills training for various levels of management. We understand that the needs of a first-time manager will be different to a professional transitioning into the role of a business unit leader. The stakeholders to manage or the day-to-day challenges will be different level-wise and will need specific interventions. Through our professional and behavioural skills training programmes, your people will experience noticeable shifts in mindset and behaviours equipping them to handle situations better than before.

Our Behavioural Skills Programs

How can your people turn seemingly conflict situations into opportunities of better relationship-building and growth? How can people improve communication to come out with a win-win for all sides? With people skilled in negotiation and conflict management, your business is bound to succeed manifold.

Learning Outcome

  • Improves communication to enable participants effectively articulate their interests
  • Equips with tools and techniques to navigate difficult conversations with stakeholders

Assertiveness can be a learnt communication trait whereby one can express clearly one’s thoughts and feelings in a clear and respectful way while being considerate and respectful of the views and rights of others. Assertiveness works on mindset training with very positive results for the learners.

Learning Outcome

  • Helps individuals build more authentic, honest and trusting relationships.
  • Makes individuals more confident by allowing them to make choices aligned with their values.

One of the common struggles for people, specially at the junior levels, is to manage different priorities by allocating time effectively and completing tasks as per deadlines. Time management will support setting priorities, managing distractions, and making efficient use of available time.

Learning Outcome

  • Helps individuals focus on important activities and deliver in a timely manner
  • Helps reduce stress levels by balancing work and other life commitments.

Business storytelling has emerged as a power tool in corporate organisations. Storytellers use storytelling techniques and narratives to communicate business messages and ideas. Business storytelling is utilised in marketing and advertising campaigns, sales presentations, and even in business negotiations. 

Learning Outcome

  • People learn to share meaningful insights through stories.
  • They are able to connect well with clients and other audience through stories. 

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