Initiatives Towards Mental Health & Well-Being

The struggle of individuals & organizations can't be hidden in this modern world. Where individuals struggle to manage work-life balance and managing stress, organizations, on the other hand, struggle with up-skilling talent, planning, and providing a healthy working environment.

We aim to provide interactive & engaging resilience workshops in person and virtually by developing customized workshops according to your needs for mental well-being.

Types of Resilience Workshops We Offer

  • 2 Days Workshop – 8 Hours & 2 Days
  • 6 Weeks Training – 4 Hours & 6 Weeks
  • Journey of 6 Months – 8 Hours &a 6 Months

Let yourself learn critical skills that support people's mental health with our Resilience First Aid mental health certification.

Why Join Resilience First Aid Course?

Resilience first Aid

Here are the top reasons that drive you to join this two days mental health certification course:

  • Certified resilience first aid responder
  • Knowledge to apply concepts of preventative mental health
  • A way to talk proactively about mental health
  • Support others with 6 domains of resilience
  • Know when someone needs support or struggling with health
  • Able to apply effective responder protocol
  • Master the skill to build mental wellness in your well-wishers

Join the Resilience First Aid Certified course today and be a reason to bring positive changes in the life of others.