Instructor Led training

Aarvi Learning makes use of highly interactive and customized approach to classroom based Instructor led Training (ILT). With belief in and advocates of Adult Learning principles, we follow "Experiential in Classroom" learning methodology thus providing ample of opportunities for individuals and teams to experience real life.

Industry experts teach Aarvi Learning's instructor-led training programs with years of experience in their respective fields. Our instructors are certified and deeply understand the latest trends and best practices in their fields.

To name a few, Aarvi Learning provides such large-scale project training services to

  • IT and Mobile Manufacturing Industry
    We offer ITIL Project Management Training and Certification services to one of the world's leading mobile manufacturers, helping them manage their projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Pre-owned Car Business
    We have developed a Dealership Development Program for a leading company in the pre- owned car business to improve their sales, customer service, and overall business performance.
  • BPO Industry
    We provide contractual trainers staffing for freshers' induction in India's number one BPO company, ensuring that their new hires receive comprehensive ILT training and development.
  • Engineering and Construction IndustryWe conduct over 50 customer orientation programs and communication skills programs for India's number one engineering and construction company to enhance their customer service and communication skills.
  • IT Industry
    We have assisted a leading IT company in setting up their L&D department, including pre-and post-assessments, to help them train their employees effectively and ensure continuous learning and development.
  • Corporate Business House
    We offer leadership skills programs to a leading corporate business house with over 18 companies to develop their leaders' skills and capabilities.
  • Travel Industry
    We provide Six Sigma Green Belt virtual training to a leading travel company, helping them improve their processes and customer satisfaction.

At Aarvi Learning Solutions, we strive to provide customized virtual training solutions that cater to each industry's specific needs, enabling their workforce to reach their full potential and drive business growth. We could be a great fit for your virtual instructor-led training as well!

The Power of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Our ILT training stands out as an efficacious and potent mode of learning that offers numerous advantages vis-a-vis other virtual training formats. Unlike self-paced online courses or webinars, virtual instructor led training provides live, synchronous instruction and interaction with an experienced trainer.

The foremost boon of instructor-led virtual training is the opportunity for individualized attention and feedback. The expert virtual instructor of Aarvi Learning Solutions tailors the training to cater to the specific requirements of the learners and offers feedback and guidance throughout the learning process. This can foster higher engagement, retention, and overall learning outcomes.

Compared to self-paced online courses, virtual instructor led training in a virtual classroom also furnishes a higher level of accountability and motivation. With a predetermined schedule and the expectation of attendance and participation, learners are likely to adhere to the regimen and complete the virtual training successfully.

Why Choose Instructor-Led Training from Aarvi Learning Solutions?

Personalized Attention and Feedback by Seasoned Virtual Instructors

ILT training at Aarvi Learning Solutions by professional virtual instructors offers learners the advantage of personalized attention and feedback from experienced trainers. The trainers understand the unique learning needs of each participant and can tailor the training to suit their specific requirements. This approach enhances the learners' engagement and promotes better retention and learning outcomes.

Industry-Driven Curriculum Prepared by Experienced Virtual Instructors

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to address the needs of learners and is constantly updated to keep up with the latest industry trends and advancements. We understand that industries are constantly evolving, and our responsibility is to ensure that our learners are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is designed to help learners achieve their career goals and meet the demands of their respective industries.

Access to Industry Experts.

Aarvi Learning Solutions has a team of experienced trainers who are experts in their respective fields. The learners can learn from these experts and gain insights into the latest industry trends and best practices. The trainers also provide guidance and mentorship to the learners, which helps them to enhance their skills and career prospects.

Flexible and Customizable Training Programs

Aarvi Learning Solutions offers flexible and customizable virtual instructor led training programs that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of industries. The training modules can also be customized to suit the learning objectives and preferences of the team organizations are providing training.


1. What can be learned through Aarvi Learning Solutions' instructor-led training programs?

Aarvi Learning Solutions offers various virtual instructor led training programs across various industries and subjects, including business management, technology, project management, leadership development, and more. Our virtual classroom programs are tailored to meet your organization's and industry's specific needs.

2. What is the duration of Aarvi Learning Solutions' ILT Training programs?

The duration of our ILT training programs varies depending on the subject matter and your organization's needs. We offer short-term programs that can be completed in a few days or weeks and longer-term programs that span several months.

3. Who will be teaching the instructor-led training programs?

Our virtual instructor led training programs are taught by highly skilled and experienced instructors who are experts in their respective fields. We carefully select our instructors to ensure they possess the knowledge and experience needed to guide learners towards success.

4. How does Aarvi Learning Solutions measure the success of its instructor-led training programs?

We use various methods to measure the success of our instructor-led training programs, including learner feedback, assessment scores, and post-training performance evaluations. We also work closely with your organization to track the impact of the training on your business outcomes.